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Nirmal Budhathoki

Senior Data Scientist @ Microsoft | Data Science, Cloud Security, Machine Learning

Nirmal is a Data Scientist who yearns for solving problems that actually impact product strategy and business outcomes. As a self-described realist, he believes that with pragmatism and high-quality data, Data Science can be a very powerful tool. Nirmal has experience working for both government and private industries. He had worked as Security Data Analyst for Department of Navy, and had also served in US Army. He loves working in the rare intersection between security and data science, where there are ample challenges to tackle. If you are reading this as an aspiring or early career Data Scientist- this message is for you: I am more than happy to chat and give some career advice, or help in whatever the way I can, if you are trying to break into or transition into Data Science career path. Please feel free to inbox me or email me at: [email protected] If you have stalked me this far, you have to hit that follow button if you have not :) Jokes a side, I love to share frequent posts on data science, machine learning, career coaching and emotional intelligence. So following me won’t hurt. Want to have some data science career chat regarding interviews , resume reviews or anything ? You're welcome to reserve a time: